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Joe Caruso and his top-notch band perform popular jazz classics like “Fly Me to the Moon,

“The Best is Yet To Come,” “The Way You Look Tonight,” as well as other pop standards and love songs.


Joe relies on a vocal technique called the bel canto (Italian, “beautiful singing” ) method. Tony Bennett once said that as a student of this discipline, he was taught to get to the center of the note, and that this is the essence of bel canto singing.


Joe is renowned for his great phrasing, clarity of diction and sheer thrill of sound. 

The singer says that, for most people, “When they hear our demo, or see us live, they immediately realize how elegant, romantic, and memorable it will be to have us performing for them, and their guests.”


One thing Joe stresses is his ability to understand and deliver the atmosphere people are trying to create.


If you’re searching for that special ingredient to make sure your event is ultra-romantic and memorable, it’s time to get with The Sinatra of South Texas.


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